Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto

Good news for the Toronto Jordan Heads, a Original Air Jordan Showcase is set to take place February 16th 2008 at North Trooper. On display is Original Jordans and Retros from the Jordan 1 to the XX3.

50 to 60 Original Jordans on display including 10 OG Jordan 1. This can be your way of celebrating Michael Jordan’s 45th Birthday, since the event takes place a day before. For Toronto heads, this is something you can not miss.

North Trooper
69 Yorkville Ave. #102
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1B8 Canada

Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto


  1. Bummer! Toronto during All Star Weekend??? Man, I'll miss this event by 1 week only. Cant it be just delayed at all? Oh well, I spose there's gonna be some gay Canadians and by that I mean — ecstatic!

  2. micheal623 says:

    Bring this event to Los Angeles!

  3. Nice Kicks says:

    Oh the irony that Canada used to get screwed out of good releases…I am still mad about the Jordan IIIs in '03 not making it up north.

  4. Kicks4life says:

    Im down in ohio so you know i will be there

  5. haha im goin….i hope i can buy some of them

  6. please do bring this to LA or San Fran. PLEASE JB? PLEASE? *puppy eyes* haha

  7. haha LA in the very near future sounds quite possible… keep an eye out for it.

  8. TorontoComeUp says:

    YO REEEEEESPEXXXXX, thanks for the heads up, keep the toronto events coming man thanks

  9. Its a damn shame Im not back in Toronto for this event. Great job for NT for hosting this. 3 Thumbs up.

  10. I Hit Jays says:

    yess finally something look forward to thats close to home keep these kinds of events comin

  11. im glad Toronto is holding this event, Toronto has some major canadian sneakerheads there, so i know this even will be LIVE!

  12. wtf! this should be in the USA! come on jb u can do better. detroit would be much better

  13. ill def be dropping by

  14. they should come 2 the n.y

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