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Obama Air Jordan Nike Commercial (Become Legendary)

Edit: Obama’s voice was dubbed into this pre-existing Jordan Brand commercial. Sylvia from Advertfan created this enhanced advertisement. The Obama voice-over was pulled from a television interview which ran during the 2008 presidential campaign. Still, the message is important.

Check out the original commercial below:

Original post: President-elect Obama is already a legend, but will not be a legendary President until he proves himself on the big stage.

Obama’s strong voice of leadership flows through this Air Jordan “Become Legendary” commercial in which neither Jordan’s voice nor likeness is showcased. This is the first time a Jordan commercial has been produced without the exposure of Michael “Brand” Jordan or one of the Jordan Brand athletes.

The commercial delivers inspirational messages without boldly stating them. On the surface, Jordan brand gracefully portrays Obama’s passion for both sport and leadership by capturing Obama’s charismatic words and thoughts relating to the everlasting debate: BCS vs. a College Football Playoff; Though there is much more to this commercial than politics, complicated math, and Football.

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