Model: Nike Running – Nike Air Stab
Purpose: Running
Original Release: 1988
Updates: Nike Running News

The Nike Air Stabs were originally released in 1988, but with last years collaboration with Foot Patrol they have brought them back. The Foot Patrols were the first Stabs retrod and paved the way with it’s nice color combinations for the recent retros. With the Stabs being a great success so far Nike has even teamed up with Foot Patrol once again for a second Air Stab.

Nike Air Stab History

Nike Air Stab
Fortunately for us sneaker heads, there has not been any fake Air Stabs seen yet as prices are not to much. A pair of Nike Air Stab retail for $90 USD and can run you anywhere from $50 for the general release basic ones to about $200 for ones such as the Foot Patrols, this of course is for new ones. Overall the Stabs are a great pair of kicks, and for anyone who doesn’t have a pair in their collection, definitely needs a pair!