Nike Zoom Soldier 2 Debut

With the success of the Nike Zoom Soldier releasing this year, Nike has decided to release a second edition to the line. The Nike Zoom Soldier 2 has had a full cosmetic do over, and resembles the LeBron 5s. Featuring a perforated toe box running through the mid sole to the heel is to allow your foot to breathe.

The Nike Zoom Soldier 2 on the left features camouflage on the sole, while the other Soldier 2 looks to be a regular release. Although we do not have a specific release date, expect the Nike Zoom Soldier 2 to release in 2008. Via Kenlu.

Nike Zoom Soldier 2 Debut
Nike Zoom Soldier 2 Debut

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  1. These look no where near as good as the original soldier. I will give them some props for keeping the line going, but this might kill it all together.

  2. It looks better than the V lows. Not better than the first soldiers though. The first colorway is decent. That camouflage sole looks wack on the white and, black colorway. They should've tried a icy clear sole for these. 3 and 1/2 out of 5. They'll get a 4 when I see a black on black colorway.

  3. These shoes are decent, i agree they could have done better, but they are some nice looking hooping shoes. As far as casual wear……..yeah u get the picture. Great basketball shoes, horrible casual wear shoes.

  4. Both of these shoes are nice. Just something about those soles on the red and whites ones that throws them off a little……… besides that these kicks are straight with me!

  5. im pretty disapointed in what lebrons doing l8ly, these are alrite but definatly a step down from the original soldiers

  6. the shoes is quite good but its very simple! the 1st one was better! but again lebron is lebron! everybody will wear it!

  7. these soldiers look pretty nice, at least better than the first ones. i dont think they'll look as good as the first ones on LeBron, but cant say for sure until we actually see him wear them. looks like a shoe that il buy but it doesnt give the same strapped-down safe feeling that the first soldiers had from the appearance.

  8. Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.

  9. i think these shoes are tight. i dont know why people hate on every shoe that lebron comes out with. the first colorway is tight. i think they look sweet. so please quit hating on lebron shoes. can't wait till' these hit the stores.

  10. I like them!! Finally a pair of Lebron's without straps…I like the clean sleek look. When do these drop?…gots 2 buy these 4 real…!! They Look very comfortable!!

  11. these are one of the best shoes on the market today and lebron and nike are the perfect match can't wait till the VI