Nike Zoom LeBron VI (6) - Blue / White

This past weekend Nike kicked off the launch of the Nike Zoom LeBron VI (6) with the release of “The LeBrons” collection. With that said, more color-ways of the new sneaker are set to release including the blue and white model seen above. This LeBron VI mirrors the “Kid” model released this past weekend with a few minor tweeks, however these will be a little easier to get. Stay posted for more info.

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  1. I like this and the black colorways. I still kind of think they look like boots, but real nice Nike I think they might work out on the court, but dont think you are ultra fresh in the club with these on. I might walk in the mall in them to go purchase a pair of Air Jordans until Lebron wins a championship or I must say they look better than the Kobe's. Kobe should just wear the HyperMax and call it a day. These are the first pair of Lebrons I consider a quality shoe, but I still am not a fan of the Lebron design Keep trying because you all are getting better. Maybe the next pair will be the one. Nah, probably somewhere within the next 3 pair there might be a pair I will actually

  2. ^ you sound like a politician just make up your mind and stick to a policy. either that or you have schizophrenia.

    anyways this was a tough decision considering being a baller i would have to buy the knit pants and knit jacket so which color to choose. 290$ for the whole set, and with motorsports coming out and dark army, i have concluded that i will go with the black/red combination this year for 2 reasons: the white knit jacket pant set and shoes are easy to get dirty and ruin. And I chose the Lebron 5 Blue/White colorway over the Black/Red last year so I think it would be best to switch it up. As well as, The motorsports being Blue/White….

    Or is that more reason to get the white blue knit set oh hell now I am undecided like ^^ TheAmbassador

    Damn you Michael Jordan and Lebron James, damn you to hell!