Nike Zoom LeBron 5 White/Black/Red

As we continue to look at upcoming Nike models that will not release until 2007 or 2008 the new Nike Zoom LeBron 5 has landed on the net. I am glad we get to see the traditional Cavaliers color scheme of White, Black, Red early, although we have seen previous colors. This pair is a kids model, so if they look off to you that might be why. Expect them to hit retailers around the upcoming NBA Season. Via NTinfomaniac.

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  1. Pretty nice. Like the past LeBron's, they look very comfortable and functional. They slightly mimic the Kobe, hopefully the cushioning will be the same as in the past. Let's hope that these went on a diet, the last pair were cinder blocks!

  2. 1st lebrons was ok

    2nd lebrons was ok too

    3rd lebrons was raw

    4th lebrons was the best lebrons right now

    5th lebrons are ugly until i see them up close

  3. you stupid sneaker heads dont understand this shoe is a basketball shoe to play in not a shoe to show off with and its not a damn fashion shoe. these 5's are fire

  4. I would say they look alright right now. They do look like the zoom Kobe 2's, but the shoe's main purpose is to ball in, not neccesarily for fashion. Eventually, they will grow on everyone, just like the Lebron 4.

  5. i also agree to wad A.I said.

    But streetwear or not, these shoes are just trash.

    Even though they are only for balling, and we all understand that, but cant they at least make it look just

    a LITTLE nice?!

  6. dez kicks iz gangsta they make all dem otha hatas shoes look like straight up poop they make my balls sweat wit antiacipation i wish that they were on my feet right now peace up a- town down bitches

  7. yo Richie Relish nd Edge Warren be speekin nuttin but da trooof… dem kicks is swole. ima needa save dat scrill to cop me like FOUGH PAIR cuz i iz and yo mama cant say nuttin bout dat. ONE!!!

  8. @ tvxl13 said

    I agree with you 1 2 3 assessment. Number 4 is the best, number 5 is NOT straight fire. I repeat, no straight fire here for Lebron 5 is this is what it will look like.

  9. I agree Kobe is better than Lebron, but I don't hate him. HATE is a powerful word, and don't say that about Lebron even though he may not like him.

    I hope that Kobe doesn't get traded, but if he does I'll suppoprt him all the way.

  10. yall is dumb this shoes is fire..wait till they come out..have yall lost ur mines these are the best lebrons to come out so far all yall dudes needa stop hattin cause he 22 and he made it to the championships..yall all haters ..i am out..water

  11. first of all who eva talkin bout bron bron like dat needa shut dey mouf cuz he da best in da leauge and dont even tell me bout kobe cuz he aint nothin but a ball hog and dats why dey got knocked out in the first round again and lebron carries his team and the 5's are aight i would rock em

  12. I think u are a great player but those sneakers are ugly times about 23 4 real dnt come out with those

  13. these are crisp,, nice and simple, these would look much better in person these are dope ballin shoes!

  14. These r straight but tha lebron 4's was much better,kobe's would be better if they had a various of color unstead of tha same o same o ya dig