Nike Zoom Lebron 5 PE Black/Crimson

With a lot of time left for the Nike Zoom Lebron 5 to officially release, we already have a picture of a Player Exclusive. This pair features Black and Crimson, and while trying to examine them closely I do not see anything different from the other Nike Zoom LeBron V that were posted. More information coming soon, via Kenlu and Heizhushoes.

Nike Zoom Lebron 5 PE Black/Crimson
Nike Zoom Lebron 5 PE Black/Crimson
Nike Zoom Lebron 5 PE Black/Crimson


  1. if a nike rep check this site scratch these shoes. they will be at the factory outlet quick. every colorway, shoes are terrible

  2. They kinda somewhat look like da Jordan 16's if u look at em, but these RIGHT NOW aint dat tight to me! So far i only copped n only really liked da Lebron 3's n 4's…i cant mess wit da otha ones or these FOR RIGHT NOW! they might grow on me lata but i liked da 3's n 4's from da jump

  3. these (i believe) are the worst lebrons so far. while discussing the marbury kicks, lebron mentioned that nike sets a high standard with there products, but not with these kicks, these are terrible. love lebron and his products but hate these kicks with a passion.

  4. worst lebron so far.. =(

    "jon said

    am August 12 2007 @ 2:24 am

    ive seen it here in philippines and already selling it in different color and the kobe 3 is also avail here. "

    the f*ck are you talking about.. this shoes aren't release yet.. maybe your mom is making a fake one..

  5. these are nice i never liked the 4's too heavey and i dont like the stlye of the 3's and i got the two's yo e-maill me the realese date

  6. i think Lebron kinda has an attitude like Kobe, they're kicks aren't the best lookin but they're high performance


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