Nike Zoom LD 1000

Many of us love to relive our past, or just love the Retro look. With the Nike Zoom LD 1000 you can easily achieve both goals. What I have heard is a hit with the Nike Zoom LD 100 is the Pre-Yellowed midsoles.

Each Nike Zoom LD 1000 pictured features a solid Black upper with a Blue, White or Black Nike Swoosh, which will also contain a ripped Denim. As well, a nice fish reflective heel is featured on every pair with Zoom Air insole in the heel for added comfort. Available now at select retailers. Via CT.

Nike Zoom LD 1000
Nike Zoom LD 1000


  1. firs kommint…dat wun ugly azz shoe niggaro…if iz seez any muhfukkaz rokin demz, Iz finna slap da denchers out dey mout…

  2. damn…it aint the 1900's no more…if i seen any niggas wearing these(cuz niggas will be wearing these) they deserve to get pimp slapped..

  3. Definitely NOT. I know i'm jumping the gun on these before I actually get the chance to see them up close but, c'mon, really? I just can't see anybody rockin' these unless they ID them so people can create their own flavors. Or just cop a pair of Cortez's and, leave them in the closet for two or, three years and, let them yellow on their own(kinda' like watching sea monkeys grow in a jar of dirty water back in the '80's). With that said, the reality of it is, people just aren't going to buy some kicks just because Nike puts a uppity moniker to them by calling them "vintage". Let just hope they don't have a sugested retail price in astronomical figures. Sh*@, I wouldn't wear these as house slippers. 1 star * out of 5. THE WORST CONCEPT EVER!


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