Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day- a day in which the life, mind, and accomplishments of such a powerful Civil Rights Movement leader are especially honored. Although the Los Angeles Lakers did not take the day off, they sure helped in Nike’s own form of paying tribute to MLK Jr. While taking on the Orlando Magic in a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant, Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher wore pairs of the Nike Zoom Kobe V designed especially in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. Enjoy pictures of all four in action and wearing these special edition Nike Zoom Kobe Vs after the jump, and let us know what you think of the idea and colorway. IF any release information surfaces, rest assured we’ll announce it.

Photos via YahooSports.

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  1. are these the supposed aston martin cw as nike deemed the V for mlk or are they two different cw's…either way hope these babies drop!

  2. Kobe is garbage and so is his sig line. Worst in Nike history. Go back to adidas. Quit jockin

  3. to:danny ocean and jay

    did you watch the game?didnt you hear the the commentators say (THOSE SHOES ARE NOT GOING TO BE FOR SALE)!!ANYWAY…

    to:$poiledFeet aka Scottie Pimpin

    i agree with you..big time..finally a kobe hater..

  4. for the record Kobe would never have had a ring outside of LA. Every year he won the team was stacked cause it was LA. Couldn't have done it by himself like MJ. Just like NY baseball. And last season was the weakest NBA season I've seen in my lifetime. Go Boston or Cleve.

    1. you’re an obvious hater. how is he garbage when he’s in the NBA and you’re probably at your mom’s basement paying for nothing because you don’t have a job nor a life.

  5. No if or but, Kobe and the lakers were the champs.

    Say what you will tho, thats what the comment section is for.

  6. @ $poiledFeet you're a damn fool or not much of a real hoops fan if u really believe MJ won those 'ships by himself. Last time I checked MJ never won a title w/o Scottie Pippen or Phil Jackson. Those Bulls teams were just as stacked as any team that Kobe has won a title with….Let me break it down 4 you.

    Scottie Pippen: One of the "Greatest 50 Players" of all time, enough said

    Dennis Rodman: As bizarre as he was, is one of the top rebounders & defenders to ever play the game

    Toni Kukoc: During his peak was probably the top international player in the league.

    Other notable players on those Bulls title teams w/ MJ: Ron Harper, Horace Grant, Stever Kerr, Bill Paxton, & Luc Longley.

    The only advantage Kobe had over MJ was Shaq, but has since then proven he can win titles w/o Shaq. Last season's Lakers title team matches up very favorably w/ the Bulls last title team. I hate when people try to down play the guys MJ had around him, during his title runs to make it seem like MJ played on teams w/ scraps & won every title by himself. Real basketball fans know, MJ was surrounded by some of the best talent in the league during that time.

  7. @SwagLifer : AMEN, i was gonna scroll down to the comments section to say exactly what you did, but you said it best,

    @$poiledFeet aka Scottie Pimpin, you're an idiot for the record, do ya homework playboy, stick to sneakers and don't speak on hoops because it's obvious that you know nothing about it, you just a "johnny come lately" and probly only watches hoops because of this new found sneaker craze, and hype surrounding retro Jordan releases

  8. Anybody in the age range of 35 or younger and is a Boston Celtics fan is a bandwagon hopper, the Celtics were garbage after the Bird and McHale years, all the way up until they got Ray Ray and KG, so there is no way that there are any young Boston fans, bandwagon hoppers

    ($poiledFeet aka Scottie Pimpin)

  9. @swaglifer I agree with your comment but Bill Paxton is an actor. You mean John Paxon. *Carry On*

  10. @SwagLifer: I absolutely agree with you. I'm sick and tired of hearing these so called " NBA FANS " hating on certain players for no particular reason. For someone to say that MJ won all of his titles by himself knows nothing about the game and probably never even seen him played a single game in their life. And as for $poiledFeet aka Scottie Pimpin, you have to be the biggest bandwagon rider ever, "go Boston or Cavs ? ?? ?" HAHA WOW ! you are a complete idiot, nuff said.