Nike Zoom Kobe III PE - Lower Merion (The Ace)

Lower Merion High School is the site where Kobe Bryant first showed signs of greatness. He was notoriously known for dominating the opposing school’s by himself and scoring profusely. Here’s a look at the Nike Zoom Kobe III PE inspired by Kobe’s high school. Nicknamed “The Ace”, these Kobe III’s feature a simple mixture of white, silver and burgundy. RMK Store has only a few sizes left so get them while you can.

Nike Zoom Kobe III PE - Lower Merion (The Ace)
Nike Zoom Kobe III PE - Lower Merion (The Ace)

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  1. possibly the best recent shoe out. so good for stealth had to get a pair in white and black. less material. no squeaky shoes like Lebrons. Love the Japan ninja influence. Nike saves the best for the best.

  2. Finally someone who apreciates the Kobe III, I love the shoe, wish I could find one in a size 14, too bad RMK Store doesn't really carry sizes 14 and up. :(

  3. nah these are tight for ballin… lebron got these faded? pssshhhhhh you say that like lebrons shoes look good or something bwuhahahahhahaha… yer all stupid if you expect performance b ball shoes to look nice, "basketball shoes" idiot.

  4. mann these are the kind of shoes you see the varsity players wear at school. All the rejects who cant ball turn these things down. STOP POSIN AND BALL

  5. how can u say a basketball shoe isnt ment to be attractive with the JORDAN line around. (the stupidity people type)

  6. Im sorry but in life looks is not what counts, maybe to yall but to anybody with sense looks come second. Fact is I have Lebrons 3 (squeaky) Lebrons 4 (steel toe boots) Lebrons 5 (OK more recent shoe) and these Kobes. I wear the whites for school and the blacks when I am at night and want to be silent you cant even hear a person walking in these and they are so light possibly the best what you want out of a shoe. Like big boi said these are athletic shoes not fashion for the chubby's out there.

  7. these shits r pure fire on da court. most comfortable kicks ive worn on da court, nike reele does save the best for da best. Lebron aint got nuthin on kobe

  8. like this the mvp's a lot better but a nice colorway of the zkIII nonetheless!!! i may cop depending on how limited and no i will not just cop because it is limited…i like the shoe..period! the mvp is much better though!