Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition

Nike and Kobe Bryant have kept their hands busy with the new releases of the Zoom Kobe III, but have recently just released a limited edition Zoom Kobe I Quickstrike just for China Nike accounts. This Nike Zoom Kobe I features the one of the traditional Kobe color-ways, White and Purple.

This Zoom Kobe I is made up of mostly a White upper, but a gradient Purple swoosh and toe cap go well together and the “24” seen at the heel adds a nice touch to this limited edition model. Available now at Kix-Files.

Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe I QK China Edition

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  1. Why not have a limited release for the US, or Europe, because China's been getting all the Kobe special releases.

  2. what's with china? i guess maybe they release it there because these shoes ARE MADE FROM CHINA. hell china, posers live right there. china is FULL OF FAKE SHIT. believe me. i'm sorry China but YOU'VE GOT TO BE REAL. stop those fake shit that people use from head to toe. freak'shu. >:P

  3. we jus had the most limited jordans in U.S. and very few nationwide: THE TITANIUM XX3s did yall forget about that

    and i agree with heathater they should make jordans in taiwan again (although taiwans from china)

    its true that china make fakes but who wears them???

    oh yeah thats right, PEOPLE FROM U.S.

    but china seriously should stop making fakes as well as poisonous toys lol

  4. because china spend that bread 2 these company for the winnin bid 2 have certain products get shipped to them and have us get the limited supply i think and because china is like 30 years ahead of us in many ways

  5. i dont know why chinas gettin all these dope shit when they make fake jays
    but seriously what so special about china that they get all the limited shit???

  6. Fuck the bullshit. Just release the shoes worldwide. Then mutha fuckas can make more money…

  7. fck the poster near the top (MJ>LJ). Dont post if u dont know shit. wtf is although taiwans from china. what does that mean? fckin fool

  8. Yo deez is tight, but the only reason deez Kobes is in China is cause dey know AINT NOBODY gon try to get these shits, dead up. C'mon Kobe, do some US shit, already!!