In 2001, the Nike Hyperflight was plenty of ballers’ shoe of choice for its design and performance. And since Nike is always trying to stay ahead of the curve, that often times means reworking past successes. The Nike Zoom Hustle here is an update to the aforementioned Hyperflight of ’01, and comes this time in a predominantly black upper with an electrolime midsole and Nike swoosh outline. Patent leather can be seen near the toe area and on the swoosh, while a black/electrolime pattern can be seen on the shoe laces. This sneaker will release from House of Hoops locations nationwide this coming weekend. What are your thoughts? Do you like what you see?

Via Footlocker.

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  1. Hopefully, this actually has cushioning. While the Hyperflight was a classic, that shoe makes Marburys look like Air Max 360s.