Nike Women's Air Force 1 High Quickstrike - Solid Colors

Nike has just dropped a trio of Women’s Air Force 1 High‘s which all feature a solid bright colored upper including, Green, Red and Purple. Furthermore, the Air Force 1 High’s are composed of all leather and feature a removable strap.

This is a good look for the Air Force 1 and it would be nice to see these in a few other colors, but the simple look is a nice touch. The solid colored Women’s Air Force 1 High’s should be available soon at Quickstrike Nike accounts. Via Provider Trainers.

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  1. good now the sexy ladies that like those horrible ugly shaped reeboks that come in some loud yet nice colorways can buy these instead

  2. Dudes in the hood are gonna go crazy for this and make every color of the rainbow fakes!!! If they already havent!!!!!

  3. Uh… yeah, this was cool when Reebok did it like a year ago. :P

    Nike copying the Reebok Freestyle? Please… no…

  4. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What the hell is this

  5. they stole the idea from the 54 11s but you can't front the uptowns look a lot better than the reebok version I'm a dude but I might cop those red joints

  6. they iight but how yall saying nike is copying reebok its just a solid color not much to copy

    DC shoes has a solid color shoes 2

    and nike owns reebok n e way so yea

  7. Chicks is gonna do em dirty wit those only the bad one wit the fat ass an skinny leg jeans am l lyin fellas!

  8. I like all the sneckers Green my favorite color and red keep it poppin so WATZ POPPIN 5 WATZ DROPPIN 9 ITS NTN B

  9. These kicks raw as Eva and all yall who sayin they gokin off of rebok yal crazy they own rebok any way stupids ah tho I'm goin Koop up the blue and red ones tho and I'm a dude. But where can u find them at or order them