Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Canvas - Tourmaline

90’s canvas Air Force 1‘s are pretty hard to come by now-a-days, so Nike brought the canvas in colors that were never released in the 90’s. This Tourmaline, White and Lucky Green Canvas Air Force One has been designed for women, however a great design and color, it can be expected to be purchased by women and men.

Expect a few other pastel-like tones to be released later this year. The Tourmaline Canvas Air Force 1 will be released later this year, but is available early on Shoe Planet.

Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Canvas - Tourmaline

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  1. These joints R crack, especially the indigo blue joints I've seen earlier. Nike is doin' it big on Air Forces, but not dunks.

  2. they ii

    but i wanna see sum high top force like dem all purple joints wit the white sole dos are beatiful