Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium Red/Grey

This Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium integrates Free technology into the shoe by using comfortable cushioning and a light weight feel. The mild red upper combines with the Free technology to create a perfect shoe for the Winter season. This looks to be designed with more of a boot feel and leaning towards the Womens side because Blazers are to girls as Dunks are to guys. Available now at CaliRoots.

Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium Red/Grey
Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium Red/Grey
Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium Red/Grey


  1. I haven't noticed women wearing them more than men in NYC but girls do seem to like them… guys rock them more I think.

    They coo though.

  2. Milk Blazer > all other Blazers. Imagine a Super Milk One! That would be great!

    Also Blazers comparde to Dunks?! Nooo! Blazers are the Nike Super-Chucks somehow.

  3. They already made these for women two years ago. I thought they were "cute" for women. But they look kind of silly with the soft sole as men's shoe. I'll pass

  4. Let me start by saying I WON’T BE COPPIN’ THESE for sh*@! I like the colorway. Very clean. But the sole on these turns me off. They look like they were made for basketball players…when they wore those tight gym shorts. I know that, that’s the general point of these being the Blazer was one of Nike’s first basketball shoes(yes these are a retro shoe for you youngsters who don’t know)but, come on, are they for real? I don’t expect to see to many guys wearing these. They look like they’re for women(I do own a pair of Nike x Mission SF-CA.Blazers but, they look nothing like these)and, that’s probly who’ll you see rockin’ these. I’m personally not feeling these but on the colorway alone, they get 3 ***’s outta 5.

  5. wow dey should call dese da lipsticks haha nah but wtf u see da title it says Nike Super Blazer Hi Premium Red/Grey i see red and white were da hell is da grey wow

  6. I disagree, i think there pretty dope i already coped the super blazer HI (orange pieces) and i like them except they run a smaller then dunkz.


    uhh the grey is the sole and swoosh


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