Nike Summer 08 Preview

Here’s a preview of the Summer 08 line from Nike. Some highlights include new color-ways of the Air Max 1 and 95, Charles Barkley’s signature “CB34” shoe, and a whole lot more. See them all after the jump. Via NTinfomaniac of Niketalk.

NikeWomen’s Air Force 1 Canvas (General Release)

Women's Air Force 1 Canvas (GR's)

Nike Air Max LTD

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Max 1

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Raid Retro

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Burst

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Classic BW

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Max Light

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Flight Lite Low

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike Air Max 95 (Hot Lava)

Nike Summer 08 Preview

Nike CB34 Retro

Nike Summer 08 Preview

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  1. the 1st pair of air raids is ill

    the last 2 pairs of af1s is too damn bright. ima just cop da blue 1s

  2. Feh… the AF1 Supremes are women's? :(

    And those are a general release? I have a REALLY hard time believing that. All those colors are great.

    As for the others? Nothing special.

  3. man i been lookin for the live together play together air raids for aloong time now

    and these air raids are gonna ruin the fun for me

    either way i still wanna cop them

  4. wow i'm coppin the CB34,Air Max 95 (Hot Lava), both Air Raids, and the orange af1…. oh man i cant wait!!!

  5. i'd probably onli cop da canvas blue or orange and the air max 95s – those are pretty dope

  6. OOOHHHH im loving the Air Raids and the Womens Supremes….very nice colorways and i know its hard to tell from the pics but looks like the Air Raids should be solid as far as quality!

    Barkley's just loaded….gotta have them too!

  7. Wow, Nike was on my s*** list this morning because of what they did to the AM ID's, but its happy to see they've saved the day

  8. The '08 line up looks very promising. The womens AF 1's are the best i've seen since the HUF Quake AF 1's. A definate must have, even though they're for women. The Air Max 95's in Lava are just that, LAVA baby!!! The CB 34's are so, so and, the Air Burst, Classic BW, Flight Lite low and, Max Light will be on my list of must haves when they get better color ways. All in all, looks like a hot summer '08 to add to my collection!

  9. I was lookin hard at those forces, but too bad there just for the ladies…..Well anyway, i dont care who hates on the air raids & the flight lites….. Hate on people, hate on! More for me!