Nike SB - What The Dunk Goes Live

After being declared a few days ago, the “What The Dunk” dropped at Nike SB accounts and on eBay. Retail price was set at $299.99, but re-sellers had a field day and re-sold the shoe for great amounts of profit. I particularly do not like the shoe and is probably by far one of the worst things produced by Nike, but to each his own.

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  1. I agree they are weird….I saw a pic w/someone having them on and they looked fresh as $hit, however, not for $300+ would I be picking them up….I'll cop 2/3/4 pairs of Jordans before these anyday!!!! cant wait for the cement Spiz'ikes and the Orange Blaze 8s.

    On the flip side, I guess you can wear the dunks with any type of gear or pattern b/c one way or another, you're gonna match.

  2. Never could understand these funky ass designs that the some of these nikes ("sb's") in paticular have there beyond words for the describing of just how fu*king ugly the some of them are………

    what are these for like punk rocker types, and/or the fu*king freaks they got working at "spencer stores"

    I just dont see the point of waisting material on

    sh!t like this …….

    "if its brown then flush 'em down"………..

  3. The ook great actually. Not my style what so ever, but they look great. They also look comfortable.

    But for 300+ dollars???? LOL NO FREAKIN WAY!!!

  4. omg they do exsist!

    weird lookin as hell but i like them.

    they are totally my style…well kinda.

    but i aint buyin em for 300

  5. a great concept but a horrible c0larway i would rather spend 300 on some mf dooms witch i think is one of the top 5 best shoes of 07 so far nice try but I would put them out by the curb were they belong

  6. i agree wit snk junkie…i wuld much rather spend dat 300 on tha dooms…but tha wat tha dunks is fire..2 me at least

  7. I feel sorry for all of the HYPEBEAST that buys any shoe that Nike throws at them. Im sorry but im a smart Sneakerhead smart enough to know that these ugly ass SB Dunks isn't worth $300. Sorry NIKE and JB but yall ain't about to get over on me with Ugly ass shoes and out of this world prices $310 for Jordan packs and $300 for those ugly ass Dunks ^^ the SneakerGame is starting to die out.

  8. i actually like these its weird but thats what makes it so cool…and to all those people talkin about hypebeast and whatnot just cuz someone likes a shoe that you dont doesnt make you a hypebeast some people actually just like the sneaker like me :-D but i wouldnt pay 300 for em

  9. These are a COLLECTORS ITEM! Piece of SNEAKER ART. $300 aint nuttin! People would buy Tiff for $400. If i can, I'm copping 2 pairs. Keep one and Flip the other. I'll make the money bck for both pairs. THAS a HUSTLA'S AMBITION!

  10. i respect peoples opinion for not liken them….but honestly these are one of the hottest pair of dunks that will ever release in my opinion.

  11. Yo dees shoes are hotter than me on a sunday night date with a philippinos shoe all the way up my ass. Im the biggest Hypebeast ever they call me lulu as in so lose that u can stick a size 17 shoe size up me. I hope I can get these so I can where them on my site


  13. i like these for uniqueness reasons but $300+ for these?.

    i wouldnt go any higher than $30 for these, sorry :/

  14. wow if they are 79 they are fake these run for like 2000 now im going to get a pair in a few days for 1000 from my friend

    sexy azz shoe!

  15. these shoes are deffinitley worth the price. they are the most comfortable shoes that i have ever had. and you can also resell used.