It may feel like just yesterday since Nike SB introduced the P-Rod II, but new images of the upcoming P-Rod III have surfaced. This batch of pictures displays the the P-Rod III the best and uses a black and red colorway with safari print to start the collection off. The third model has its similarities with the P-Rod II, but a few modifications distinguish it from the past two models. No word on release date just yet. Via eBay.


  1. uhm what the hell are these? who knows maybe they just look terrible in this pic, but honestly is this shit worthy of having a nike sb tag? id expect a shoe like this from 6.0 but not sb. idk the point i'm trying to get across would be… these are garbage.

  2. These are sick, they have a really retro look to 'em, like low top Flight '89's, I like it, and I'm not really a big P.Rod fan…might get these

  3. Before everybody starts losing their mind these are VERY early samples. I heard the final product will be A LOT mos slimmed down a A LOT more polished.

  4. Lmao at madne$$!!

    This nigga's like "oh, no, not my precious sb tag! Those don't deserve to be sb's" nigga, sb's haven't been dope since like 05/06. Cornball.

  5. Sbs have been and are dope deadmanwalking. Anyways…these are rotten and hopefully will look a lot better come release time.


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