Nike SB P-Rod II - St. Valentine's Day Massacre

A new pair of the Nike P-Rod IIs has just been released which features a “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” like design. Black and Dark Red are the two main colors used for the P-Rod II and there are blood spots on the toe box and at the middle of the shoe. Available now at CCS for $89.99.

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  1. Yeah Jman…..u right…….so hey does ANYONE know what's up with the Freddy's…..I wanted them joints bad. Last I heard the movie labels killed the original so the redesign was done to appease them. But wtf up now?

    These P-rods r cool, tho. Wouldnt copp em personally.

  2. word

    im on cop mode for these

    and p rod is a beast nikka

    so yeah


    add the myspace

    no homo bitches

  3. these r sick.. my girl actually cop these 4 me… or maybe i'm just saying that cuz she got them 4 me………… umm they coo