Nike SB P-rod II March ReleaseNike SB P-rod II March Release

The second sneaker in the Nike SB P-Rod series will make its debut in March 2007. On the launch date, two Nike SB P-Rod 2s will be available for purchase one of them being the Air Jordan IV inspired P-Rod II. Check out your local Nike SB account to purchase a pair.

Nike SB P-rod II March Release
Nike SB P-rod II March Release

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  1. Hello my name is robert and I would like to know when are tha jordan dunk 8s are comin out and how much the retail price will be

  2. Hi, my name is Kaitlyn.

    My boyfriend wants a pair of these shoes(the black, white, and gold ones)

    I have NO idea where to get them at!

    I have searched all over the internet!

    If anyone knows where to buy them at PLEASE email me, My email is

    Thanks everyone!