Nike SB P-Rod 2 x Free = Free Rod

Nike SB P-Rod 2 will also take the hybrid treatment, and the shoe added to the mix is none other than the Nike Free. As you can see Nike will use a lot of different colors which include yellow, green, red, blue and black. The Nike SB P-Rod 2 x Free will release, but a specific date has not been confirmed yet, but they will be limited. Via PrurientSole.

Nike SB P-Rod 2 x Free = Free Rod

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  1. To be honest rather frank, I like these Hybrids much better than actual P-Rods.

  2. Frank honest rather better much P-Rods actual Hybrids like, I to be these than.

  3. The colors remind me of a rainbow. But then I picture someone wearing these and I think, "Looks pretty gay".

    In conclusion, since rainbows are the unnofficial logo for the gay community, these rainbow colored shoes are perfect for people who want to express their gayness.

    So if you're gay go ahead and buy these.

    I'm not so I won't.

  4. moire outsole….

    i don't think that could been call "free"

    but the overall of this shoes is excellent!!

  5. not a bad lookin shoe, a bit too out there for me.. and ur rite SUN15 it is a moire` outsole, full zoom comfortable!

  6. not a bad lookin shoe, a bit too out there for me.. and ur rite SUN15 it is a moire` sole, full zoom comfortable!

  7. looks like a nice pack of sour skittles… gotta cop the elephant prints first but these are a go

  8. those are the GAYEST shoes that i have ever seen. I agree with Slept On!! You have to be a homo to wear thoses.

  9. Missing Orange, Indigo and Violet to be rainbow colors. Also, I don't think rainbows have black. These are colorful, but not rainbow and deff not gay. Also, they'll be costing about $175, so sleep if you don't have money.

  10. halve you people commenting only own 1 or 2 pair of shoes. These are Hot, if you know how to get fresh these shoes are it. Some of these dudes are pretty homophobic saying they look gay. Learn how to be different and don't dress for someone else to like it, Dress to feel good about yourself, SISSY!

  11. those look terrible they shouldnt have messed with the p rods they were a lot better and looks better and are rally comfortable and also are durable

    their the best shoes

  12. these are so not gay…if u think that these shoes are for homos then u obviously are a homo

    whatever happened to the world? their is no colour in it god dammit

    this shoe is hawt and brings out the "hi" in "hi-definiton"

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