Although Fall isn’t for a few months, a preview of Nike SB’s Non-Dunk collection has just surfaced the internet. Included models including the Blazer, P-Rod 3, Janoski, Bruin SB, Harbor, Tre A.D. and Veloce, there are some that stand out among the rest, but it there is a diverse selection for Fall of ’09. There are some unfamiliar models in the bunch including the P-Rod 3, Janoski, Bruin SB and Veloce which are debuting next year. 



  1. SB PRINCE says:

    1st BiTcH!

    WHeRe ThE NiKe Sb LoWs At!!!

  2. GoEATaPanda says:

    Dr Feel Good Blazers!?

  3. feelin the grey blazers (the high and the low ones), nothing else really….

  4. SB Addict says:

    The Black Bruins and P-Rod 3's are copped for sure.

  5. blazers are crack everything else is lamee

  6. the bruins are alright and the blazer lows look like the batman mid dunks that just came out. not really feeling these either

  7. theres no blazer lows on here

  8. the blazer highs are fire though

  9. Danny=方丹尼 says:

    is the pair below grey blazer P-Rod 3 ?

  10. /// Yes its the P-Rod 3 – no its not as good as the 2

    Nike shouldn't release such boring colorways to try to gain any hype for a new model.

    P-Rod 1 & 2 are enough – 3 is pushing it in terms of style.

  11. Those grey and green classics are heat with the AM95 colorway. The grey suede blazers with the orange accents are sicko too. The p-rod 3 is lacking. The christmas/dr feelgood blazer is a hemmeroid. the rest are just weaksauce.

  12. the packer colors on the zoom tre A.D. is gay but I love the P. rod 3 are copped and the ones with the tre A.D. sole are sick gettin' most of these

  13. Those are all ill. way better than the dunk collection for fall. can't wait.

  14. blue bruins for sure those are tight, il probly get the black ones that just came out. but the blue ones are sick. maybe the dark blue/black veloce too those are nice as well. none of the other ones are really that good n the green/red blazers are gay. also agree with what mkat_tdc said the prod 3 doesnt look anywhere as good as the prod 2, looks too much like a shitty jordan or something especially with the gay colorways they got

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