A few June Nike SB releases have just hit Blends locations. The new SB’s are highlighted by the Newcastle Dunk SB Low, inspired by the popular brand of beer. In addition, the Asbury Dunk Mid’s and blue/white/red Classics. All three are now available at Blends.


  1. The new castles are alright….

    Does anyone kno anywhere in los angeles I can get my hands on a pair of tiffany's or dino jr.s??

  2. The new castles r pretty iLL, dope colorway, the blue blends crazy with that tan wheat color or whatever that shit is, them dunk mids is on some other shit though, nice lil comeback for sb, they been droppin some garbage lately. Classics r booty as usual.

  3. other than flight club Los Angeles….idk where you can find Dinosaur Jr and Tiffs..except bidding online at ebay or ordering from Flight Club New York.


    if you're willing to take the long flight, there's a good amount of Dino Jrs in NYC, BUT NOT ONLINE

  4. true on the tiffs. and dinos, unless u go to a dunk exchange ur gonna have a hard time finding thos e in the LA area for a reasonable price! AND mids are sexy newcastles, sexy for sure gonna try n cop both. those classics look like sick sixer fan kicks thats a no go. they're pretty nasty if u ask me. AMEN

  5. yo ive had the new castles for a while and just got the asburys today and at end of month bout to get the classic to complete the month!


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