Nike SB Dunk "Oakland Raiders" & "Seattle Seahawks"
After showing you some of what Nike SB is set to release in this month of February, we take a look at some pairs of the Nike SB Dunk that are inspired by NFL team colors. Firstly, there’s the Oakland Raiders-inspired Nike SB Dunk mid that we’ve showed you before. Then, there’s also the Seattle Seahawks-inspired Nike SB Dunk high we’re showing you for the first time. With a San Francisco 49ers pair also reportedly in the works, we would like to let you know that each of these NFL team-inspired Nike SB Dunks will release from select Nike SB retailers mainly in the area where each team is located. Which pair of the two pictured here do you like best?

Nike SB Dunk "Oakland Raiders" & "Seattle Seahawks"
Via N-SB.


  1. Feelin the Raiders cw!!! Will definitely consider coppin if the money is right, with so much heat comin out this year Ima have to prioritize. Never owned a pair of SB Dunks would be a nice start to the collection 😉

  2. i like the raiders cw, raider nation, proud raider fan. also a proud niner fan, i hope the niner sbs turn out great, they should make a colts/steelers sb, id like to have the sbs to all my favorite teams

  3. The raiders are clean. since it says they will be released primarly in the area of the teams location guess il be getting them 🙂


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