With Nike SB’s Mosquito Dunk Low just hitting store shelves, we get a look at the Bug Off Sample Dunk SB, a possible prototype to the newly released model. Modeled after the Bug Off canister, this sneaker combines bright green tones with yellow and red accents. However, by the looks of it this could quite possibly be computer generated or something that will see the light of day. Whatever the case may be, check back later for updates. Via NSB.

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  1. nike sb feel off after the brutes dropped. Now i dont even feel right buying sbs……i feel ike a hypebeast because those are the only people buying them now..

  2. thank god these are not the final product ……i think with a white mid-sole they should be decent…its just to much green!!!

  3. its just too much!concept in colab with the mosquitoes is tight but they gotta throw some white in there or darken the colors. just too bright