Fall 2007 was the season that Nike SB’s “Mint Chocolate Chip” Dunk High was supposed to hit store shelves. With only two pairs in existence, it is high unlikely that these SB Dunk Highs will ever release, but for now enjoy the photo. This Dunk High is made up of mostly black leather and suede with mint appearing on the middle panel, lacing area, tongue, inner lining and contrasting stitching. The reasoning behind Nike deciding not to release this Dunk High are unknown, but if you are interested in the Mint Chocolate Chip Highs, you can find a size 9 now at RIF.

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  1. why the hell would nike not release these, such a hot colorway id def cop if these eventually do get released. I hope they do

  2. ma whats up wit nike. y do they have to release the crappy colors and hold back the ill ones. first the heavens gates nw these?? come on sb

  3. damn these is soooooo hot

    fuck nike for never dropping the good stuff anymore.

    are they for sale?

  4. straight up these kicks are fresh no lie. but nike need to do bettter on releasing and make some fresh shoes thats gon hit the streets.

  5. werd

    Nike is makin sum BIIIGGG BOOBOOS

    its bad enuff theyre not releasin the joker SBs

    n the Off SBs

    but now theez r not gunna b released??


    but theyre gunna release those wack dark red n green ones wit the gum bottom

    n the twin peaks(wit the Owls) THOSE SHUDDNT B RELEASED