unkle dunk sb air force fusion hybrid

You may have seen actor, Chi McBride in movies like “Gone in 60 Seconds” and “I Robot.” Or maybe television shows such as “Boston Public” and “House.” Chi McBride is a sneaker freak who has been embraced by Nike for a few years. McBride was recently spotted wearing this hybrid of the Nike SB Dunk High “Unkle” and the Nike Air Force 1. The upper is composed of the Nike SB “Unkle,” while both the mid-sole and sole are made with the Air Force One mold. This pair may have been produced at the Nike Innovation Kitchen as a one-off for McBride. If release information becomes available, we will post it immediately! Via The Krusader.

unkle dunk sb air force fusion hybrid
unkle dunk sb air force fusion hybrid

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  1. probably gonna jack da price an extra 50 bucks just becuz of the AIR on the heel.

    id steal cop fo sho tho.

  2. i understand that these are 1 of 1 and will prolly never be released but nike needs new ideas so they can stop playing out the whole "fusion" theme because not everything can be fused

    its old played out and and personally annoys me