Last month, we previewed the Superhero/Villian Nike SB Pack consisting of 3 pairs of Nike Dunk SB’s which included the Storm Troopers SB Dunk Hi’s. Those Dunks are now being referred to as the Venom SB Dunk High due to more information being available now. Many sneakerheads may clearly remember Venom, the archenemy of Spiderman in comics and movies. Nike has realized the effect of such characters on society and has started to create sneakers resembling them. This pair of SB Dunk High’s features a full leather and suede black upper which is nicely accented by the bright white swoosh and laces. The midsole and outsole are also contrasting colors of white and black, respectively. These are now available at Nike SB retailers such as LTD-Online


  1. a tux does not rock properly with sneakers, i can't stand people who do that. it could be just cuz i couldn't pull it off, but still its not a good look to me.

    these shits are fresh.

  2. At least they're not calling them Stormtroopers any more. Someone finally woke up and looked at a Stormtrooper and said "wow – that's not what those fucking shoes look like"

    If I saw someone wearing these anyway, I wouldn't think – oh wow – its the Venoms!

    I'd think – oh wow – black and white hi's – who cares.

    Nothing special here they could have at least added something to make it a superhero/villain shoe. Since they didn't – its not.


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