We’ve known for some time most of the big-name SB releases Nike would be dropping in January 2010. However, word has just gotten out of a previously unheard of Nike SB Dunk high that will be a quickstrike release also in this month of January. Pictured here is that very Nike SB Dunk high in a German blue/chorine blue-white colorway. These have been nicknamed the “Oceanic Airlines” because they draw inspiration from the airline by the same name on the hit TV show “Lost.” One can get a clearer sense of that inspiration by looking at the insoles of this pair of sneakers, which show maps on them. Including an extra set of shoe laces in red, this quickstrike release has already begun hitting select Nike SB accounts, so be sure to check-in with your favorite local shop to find out if/when they’ll have these in stock.

Via NSB.

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