While it does get increasingly annoying and stressful to see little feet in the mall rocking the GS Nike Air Force 1 low “Iron Man,” we who have bigger feet do have the Nike SB Dunk high “Iron Man” to look forward to. Although release information is not set in stone yet, a sample size 9 has made its way to eBay and provides us with new images to further make us antsy. So check the new images out after the jump, and try your luck out on eBay if you can’t wait for these to officially release.
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  1. these are ok…not as cool as the air force ones…but at least they made them in adult sizes now…i think the suede kinda ruins it…the shoe should represent what iron man looks like…so they shouldve used patent leather

  2. I disagree on the pat leather, the suede gives it more of that grown appeal, patent woulda made these cheesy

  3. @Steven and Chad: Yall both make valid points so I don't c a problem with using them both

  4. Still cant believe these dont have some sort of representation of an Arc Reactor….upsetting

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