Nike SB Dunk High Big Gulp Sport Red White

After weeks of speculation, this Nike SB Dunk High that has been seen on different occasions has developed the nickname “Big Gulp” referring the signature cup from 7-Eleven. The extra large cup is portrayed on this Dunk High that sports a combination of suede and perforated leather to along with its sport red and white colorway. However, expect to find an extra pair of green laces when you purchase the Big Gulps, an added bonus tying into the popular product. Now available at Primitive via phone order. 

Nike SB Dunk High Big Gulp Sport Red White

Nike SB Dunk High Big Gulp Sport Red White

Nike SB Dunk High - Big Gulp

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  1. Fcuk namehyperz make up your damn mindz .I got 1 cherry-lime cola in a pickle dat ghetto

  2. Dude the shoes are the shit…. Primitive made the shoes even classier taking the picture on the P.ROD chair. If any ones has a good selection they have it. Mad props on the shoes love them and nice pic.Check out Primitive best shoe boutique.

  3. Geo-Whore in idiot box 6. I said nuttn bout da shoes dumbaz. P-must be given u tha rod cause u act like u work at prim. O by tha way dem shitz look good in my gold box fcuker

  4. cnt wait 2 get mine

    i ordered mine through primitive

    n lucky me cuz there was onli 20 pairs left

    n i ordered them on thursday

    hopefully u guysz will find em!!