Nike Penny 1/2 Cent Black/Green Spark/Metallic Silver - Release Date

We have already seen the recent release of the Nike Penny 1/2 Cent in black/metallic silver, but for those interested in a obtaining the Nike Penny 1/2 Cent in black/green spark/metallic silver, we have solid release date information. These will be dropping on December 12, 2009. Just in time for the holidays, which should make holiday 2009 a very busy season for sneakerheads. Expect a retail price of $190USD.

Via Footlocker


  1. Can't wait for these. Great addition along with the Blue coloraway and black coloraway half cents that I already have.

  2. C'mon man.. GREEN?! And then THAT cheap ass green!!!?! SMH, jus when I thought these had PERFECT Classic potential.. Naahh Nike, ya'll good.. I'll save my unemployment money…

    Live from Harlem, NYC

  3. I went nd grabbed a pair.. if u kno how to rock em its the perfect aaddition to an already bangiing collection


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