While growing up in San Fernando Valley, Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) would take his skateboard to the loading dock at his local Albertsons supermarket and practice tricks. Fast forward a handful of years and Paul Rodriguez was blessed with a signature shoe from Nike SB. Then, the greatest designer to ever blueprint a bubble decided to put his own hands on the first Nike P-Rod. Sir Tinker Hatfield is the architect and designer who fused elements of the first P-Rod sneakers with cement print and the Air Jordan logo. Hatfield’s creation is known today as the Tinker-Rod. Pictured here is a rare sample of the sneakers with the Albersons supermarket logo etched in the toe-box. We heard a rumor that there was a sample made in P-Rod’s size with the Albersons logo, but had never seen a photo (until today). These sneakers are currently for sale on the ‘bay! Via: djfunkfusion

Nike P-Rod Jordan Albertsons Sample