While growing up in San Fernando Valley, Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod) would take his skateboard to the loading dock at his local Albertsons supermarket and practice tricks. Fast forward a handful of years and Paul Rodriguez was blessed with a signature shoe from Nike SB. Then, the greatest designer to ever blueprint a bubble decided to put his own hands on the first Nike P-Rod. Sir Tinker Hatfield is the architect and designer who fused elements of the first P-Rod sneakers with cement print and the Air Jordan logo. Hatfield’s creation is known today as the Tinker-Rod. Pictured here is a rare sample of the sneakers with the Albersons supermarket logo etched in the toe-box. We heard a rumor that there was a sample made in P-Rod’s size with the Albersons logo, but had never seen a photo (until today). These sneakers are currently for sale on the ‘bay! Via: djfunkfusion

Nike P-Rod Jordan Albertsons Sample

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  1. wow, finally they post something new on this website, two days without anything to knwo on how the sneaker world is doing out there…

  2. These pics are old man..this was posted on ISS years ago…the guy decided to drop em now…get some real updates here!!!

  3. Albertsons is the ghetto grocery store in florida. i wouldnt buy a sealed can of pepsi from there. why would Tinker involve himself with a low budget company like them. kind of confused.

  4. regardless of how old or new these are, there sick, its like a 13, an a 3 mixed witha nike skate shoe… dope

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