Nike Night Track
Nike Night Track

Before Nike enamored audiences worldwide with technologies incorporating encapsulated Air and forefoot support pillars, the brand rock-chalked the nation with some of that ol’ disco flavor. Yeah, that’s right—Nike—Phil Knight, Tinker, Will Perdue, Cynthia Cooper, and everyone else that might’ve mattered. In 1978, at the apex of discoing, the brand released the lucid Night Track. Aimed at New York City’s uber-exclusive “Jet Set” crowd that frequented club Studio 54, the shoe was distinguished by glitter…and well, more glitter!

Nike Night Track

Toned up in a brazen silver/red color scheme, the Track was characterized by a nylon upper and glitter-laden Fornica outsole that provided grip for any type of dance nicety. The shoe’s middle panel is engulfed by the signature check, which in turn is plastered with glitter. It appears that the people who sported the ‘Track weren’t about letting their, “Dance speak for themselves.” As righteously herb-esque as the Night Track is, few wearable pairs exist today. (Most succumbed to the daily wear-and-tear brough upon by Moonwalking.) What this means is that if you come across a pair, expect to pay a bunch! Images via ebay and Sneakerset.

Nike Night Track
Nike Night Track

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  1. FIRST

    I got a pair on ice of these look like air jordans 1 lo tops i must cop a new pair you think there on ebay?

  2. newbie 23 wtf?!?

    "I got a pair on ice of these look like air jordans 1 lo tops"

    1. bullcrap, ya dont got em on ice i can guarantee that.

    2. they look like AJ 1s??? lmao! ya kidding me right? bro com'on we be sneakerheads here. ya cant BS your way on here.

    3. if anything they resemble the old pegasus. (as well as probably 70% of their of kicks)

    4. these are dope and wuld def cop and hold till i die lol

  3. i was in japan for years ago they had brought out the metro in the same colour way and glitter soles as the nighttrack looked nice but never the same