Nike McFly 2015 Project

If you remember Marty McFly from Back to the Future, then of course you remember his special Nike sneakers made for him. A lot of sneaker heads would love for them to actually release, and finally a official website has been created for you to sign a petition. The official website is which is the year Marty was in wearing the Nike McFly.


  1. Theyre just normal airforce 1's aint they? well of coarse with a higher high top, theyve been out before and the mid top AF1s are jus as funky and they out now

  2. hell no dumb ass…those are


    something u no nothing of so don't be stupid enough to comment this then DAm i hate it when regulars come on sneakerhead sites thinkkin they know something when they ain't even scratch the surface

    but these sneakers are way too important for a general release they must be exclusixe!!!! and ill pay whatever for these

  3. are you serious? these shoes suck dick. they are nothing like the ones in back to the future. if nike came out with the ones michael j fox was wearing in back to the future i would spend my life savings on them because they were so sweet. but these are nothing like the ones in the movie. fuck nike

  4. I'm a sneakerhead to the fullest, i almost passed out when i heard they may be releasing these in the near future…These are almost just as important to me as the countdown packs for the J's