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The Nike Mag Raised $6.75M for Parkinson’s Research

Nike Mag Charity Parkinsons Research Money Raised

The Nike Mag raffle has been over for a few days now and if you won, you should have been alerted. While this was a limited launch, the best part of it was the proceeds that went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Today we have learned through the draw and auctions, Nike and the Michael J. Fox Foundation has raised 6.75 Million for Parkinson’s Research.

As you probably know, each raffle ticket to enter cost $10 and there was no limit on how many you could purchase. Nike also had a few live auctions that took place in London and Hong Kong which added to the overall amount raised.

The Nike Mag auction in London sold for a total of $56,800 while the Hong Kong auction sold for $104,000. In addition, the Michael J. Fox Foundation matched dollar-for-dollar on the last day of the raffle.

Back in 2011, Nike and the Michael J. Fox Foundation raised 4.7M. From there, Google’s Sergey Brin matched the amount bringing the total to $9.4M.

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