Nike Lebron Zoom Ambassador

In previous post, we previewed the Nike Lebron Zoom Ambassador, Lebron James’ latest sneaker. In the this preview, we get a look at a few models including both neutral based styles and Cleveland Cavaliers inspired make-ups.

However, appearance is not the only thing to note about the Zoom Ambassador line, Zoom technology adds functionality making it a perfect combination of looks and performance. Keep your eyes peeled for the Zoom Ambassador on the feet of Lebron and on store shelves. Via Nike Talk. 

Nike Lebron Zoom Ambassador
Nike Lebron Zoom Ambassador

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  1. Yeah… 2 idiots.

    Looks nice. The All-Black and the white/graffiti look especially nice.

    But still not as great as the IV.

  2. Question?

    What is the purpose of first? Honestly. So what your the first comment, If your not going to write something informative, suggestive or witty (clever and funny), Don't waste our time. Not to be rude, but I'm sick of seeing "First!". It's like when your a kid hanging out with yours boys/girls, claiming all the hottest stars as your girlsfriend/boyfriend (Females read this too). Just dead it please. It's time grow to grow up.

  3. Definitely made for the courts…

    These aren't that bad, but honestly how many shoes does LeBron need for one season?

    The LeBron Line, the Zoom Soldiers, and Now The Zoom Ambassadors?

    What's next the Zoom Presidents?

  4. Nah my bet is the Lebron Cash-ins… I can see it now, big gold dollar signs, money pattern allover print, and a gold midsole…

    Over it.

  5. Definitely just a gimmick; reject Nike design + LeBron brand name stamped somewhere on the shoe = seller. It WOULD look better without the square cushioning, it is a bit excessive.

    Ambassadors? LOLLL, what a joke. First and Second people are practically yelling, "I'm an idiot!" & "I'm that next idiot who wasn't first!"

  6. They look like a better version of the Zoom Generations, like a FUSION of Generations and Soldiers. We all know how much PURISTS just LOVE hybrid shoes.

    Me, being someone who has followed LeBron since Season 1, can't say I'm too disappointed. However, I can't say I applaud the effort either. They're just recycling ideas…

    I don't like the idea of LeBron falling off so soon. JB lasted 23 years before they had to resort to total garbage and gimmicks, why does LeBron have to start so soon?

  7. I guess Nike thinks that they can just take any shoe, put Lebron's name on it, and make it an instant seller. I thought Jordan Brand was bad with this.

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  8. they are ok …… i just think he gshould of worked on them some more but i would def were on court

  9. this shoes realy look like the soldiers II (2). Don't like them!

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  10. lol FIRST!!!SECOND

    like 2 retards trying to hump a door knob

    they look like a pair of skate shoes i had awhile back. Not bad but not great