Disregard everything you’ve seen in regard to the forthcoming Nike LeBron XI (11) “Terracotta Warrior” as today welcomes official images.

Likely to give you your best possible take on the new Nike LeBron XI (11), these images showcase this style’s mine grey colorway which incorporates electro purple, mercury grey, and newsprint accents plus an overall theme with patterns that draw inspiration from the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition and its warriors whom guarded the tomb of the First Emperor.

The design of the shoe is inspired by the Terracotta Warriors as we see them today — in neutral stone colors along with pop colors of purple/teal/red to represent how they were originally painted. The graphic texture on the upper articulates the linked, plated armor that the warriors wore. The special lining shank design graphic is drawn from the style of Bronze Age art, the era in which the Terracotta Warriors were made.

Check out more of the Nike LeBron XI (11) “Terracotta Warrior” below and look for it to debut next week November 27th at a retail price of $200.

Colorway: Mine Grey/Electro Purple-Mercury Grey-Newsprint
Release Date: 11/27/2013
Retail: $200
Product Code: 616175-005

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