Just when we thought the Nike team was running out of colorways to apply to the Nike Air Max Lebron VII silhouette, it came up with a whole new take on it. A few weeks ago we showed you a Post Season version of the Nike Lebron VII, which does not include the 360-degree Air Max sole as does the Nike Air Max Lebron VII counterpart. But the patent leather touches and transluscent soles both remain. While you can expect Lebron and other teammates of his to be rocking these came playoff time, you can check out some different/new shots of this Nike sneaker after the jump.

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  1. 'D. Cole' aint never lied. def. lookin like the classic MJ XIs. but id ball in these. clear sole is a winner as ALWAYS.

  2. Like M&M "Fu(k No" Lebron b rap n his shit he should have said that to nike. The only reason why bron b on jordan dick is so that he can bite on his shoes. Last year his shoes look like air force ones. come on bron bron

    Blood Out

  3. Not too bad, I agree the lion face does take a bit away from the overall. The patent leather may go up a bit too high on the front, but the soles are very nice. They look like they should be comfortable for playing in, and they probably would look good with jeans… The team colorways should be interesting to see, especially the Cavaliers with the dark blue.