Towards the beginning of this month we brought you word that a Nike Lebron VII P.S. in a “Summit Lake Hornets” colorway (most likely designed for away games) had been made available through eBay. But it appears as though bidding your way to this prize won’t be the only way to get your hands on this Lebron sneaker. At least one Nike retailer has the Nike Lebron VII P.S. “Summit Lake Hornets” in stock and is using this picture to try and lure sneakerheads in. But this sneaker is one that speaks for itself, so good luck finding a local Nike retailer with this sneaker for sale before too many other people find the same one(s).


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  1. Welcome to here I am really glad to be here to share my online shopping experience with you.

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!