Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson Round 2

We showed you the Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson back in early July, and now we present to your Round 2. Here we have a more detailed look, like Gold Flakes around the toe box and the many other small details. Click below to see more pictures, via BKRW.

Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson Round 2
Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson Round 2
Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson Round 2
Nike LeBron V Black/White-Varsity Crimson Round 2


  1. aint feelings these new 'brons

    but im doing well with the birthday bundle IV's

    hope the new soldiers are better

  2. There's too much going on with the V. If I'd had to rank Lebrons I'd go:

    1.Lebron IV

    2.Lebron II

    3.Lebron III

    4.Lebron I

    5.Lebron V

  3. i think this shoew is nice but it only fits well for people like lebron. i tried these on ( the color blue one) and its kinda loose even thoug the size is small.. i think this is good for huge guys..

  4. Lebron doesn't need a symbol like jordan….he's simply not Jordan lol. If he had a symbol of a jumpshot or dunk on the shoe that wouldn't make the shoe hot.

  5. These sneaks are terrible! They can put all the glitter and details they want on um, they just ain't tight. The design of it? Look like somebody took they daddy ol belt and put it around a sneaker. The zoom joints are comfortable but that ain't enough for the price. They just need to scrap the Lebron shoes. Let dude wear some Kobes or something.

  6. Well I asked for a more detailed picture of the LJ23 V and I got it. And I still say Nike can do a better looking signature shoe for what is to be the "Next Generation" of the game. They're not a bad looking pair of kicks but, I just feel they can do way better for what's basically their big ticket when it comes to the kicks game. They just can't keep retroing AJ's in the LS editions(they're putting to many colorways to the line and fu*@ing up the nostalgia for REAL kicks fiends). Nike needs to take a step back and look at what they did for players that didn't have all the hype but had a top selling shoe(Penny, Pippin, Tim Hardaway and so on). Those shoes had that certain something that made them appealing to the masses and, made them a must have, even for those who were'nt into kicks. These lack that heat. Maybe in another colorway but, i've always said, a colorway can't make a pair of kicks hot. It has to be the kicks itself that make people jump at them like they're the holy grail of kicks(AJ V,VI,XI's,you get the general idea). Anyway, like I said, not bad but, they can be better. 3 ***'s and a 1/2 out of 5. C'mon Nike, I know he is'nt MJ, and he does'nt have the rings like Kobe, but he is the future of the sport so give him(and us sneaker-heads) something to work with.

  7. I like these a little bit they arent that bad any way. I think that they have good luck in them but who cares i will probably get them anyway because i have them all.


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