Model: Nike Lebron – Nike Air Zoom Lebron 2 (II)
Purpose: Basketball
Original Release: 2004
Updates: Nike Lebron News

Nike made it easy to top the first Lebron James shoe. The Nike Air Zoom Lebron 2 did weigh more than the Nike Air Zoom Generation Lebron I, but is a lot more comfortable. Also the LBJ II full-lenth zoom air soles which were double stacked.

Nike Air Zoom Lebron 2 (II)

Nike Air Zoom Lebron 2
The Air Zoom Lebron II came with a removable strap, which was nice because sometimes it got in the way. Nike had also added lasering on the shoe, which was a lion’s head and LJ23.

When Lebron James turned 20, Nike released the Air Zoom Lebron II only online. The release was a success, selling out in minutes.