With exclusive releases becoming rampant in the sneaker community, it’s pretty rare that we catch a glimpse of what went down over seas regarding the release of an Asia drop.

This past weekend, Hoop City in Korea released the Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low “Miami Nights”. The pair was distributed among a strong crowd of people in front of Hoop City in a limited numbers. Rumor has it, this LeBron 8 V2 Low was limited to 500. But according to the images below, it seems more were produced. Scroll down to check out what went down at the release.

via IST



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  1. Such Horse Shit!! I have bought 16 pairs of LeBrons this year and was so looking forward to caping the year off with these. Now I’m either going to have to not get them or spend $500+ to some Korean kid. LAME!!!!!!

  2. lets face it. the stuff is made out there. so they gonna get first dibs. but out of principal. i will not pay 500 plus dollars to some asian. i have nothing against them or anything. but this is not rite. they were suppose to release here first. they are miami nites not asian nites. my south beaches are way better and i had no problem buying them at retail at house of hoops in nyc. thats how these were suppose to release. exactly like the south beach. then the south beach came to asia. and another thing its not about buying from an asian. i would never pay 500 for sneakers. i bought my jordan 23 titanium for 225 and manny other hi end shoes that go for thousands a pair. that i bought at retail at house of hoops. this is total b.s.

  3. this is BS im fuckin piss AF, ima F**K up who ever made that dumb decsion, htf they going to relase them in asia so that the asains get a hold and sell the us the fakes SMFH???????