Nike Kobe Prelude Pack Restock

Did you miss out on the initial offering of the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack? If you did and still are after some of the pairs from the collection, we have learned today that Nike is planning a restock.

If this is new info to you and you have never heard of the Prelude Pack, to sum it up it’s a collection of Kobe models from 1 through 8 which was released to celebrate his 9th model with Nike. When first released, they sold out instantly and prices continued to soar on the aftermarket.

Here is your rundown on how to obtain the Nike Kobe ‘Prelude Pack’. They will release once again on July 15th, 2015. They will be available on Kobe Bryant’s official store, KB24. They have confirmed the release as well as hinted at other shoes releasing.


Nike Kobe Prelude Pack Restock