Nike Kobe Mentality Chilling Red Gold

One of the more extravagant Kobe Mentality we have seen is this Nike Kobe Mentality Chilling Red Gold. While there isn’t any info on inspiration, if we had to guess they could be linked to his strong fan base in China.

The good news about the Nike Kobe Mentality is the models are more affordable while still retaining some of the performance technology and wearing a pair of Kobe endorsed shoes.

Featuring chilling red, metallic gold and black. The base of the shoes use the shade of red while black streaks run through it. Black is again used on the midsole and tongue. What stands out the most is the metallic gold foliage that sits on the swoosh, wraps the toe box, runs down the eyelets and proceeds to the midsole.

For now we only have the single image of the chilling red and gold Nike Kobe Mentality but stay tuned for more information and details.

Source: Basketzone


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