It was all the way back in June of 2009 that we brought you a sneak peek at a production sample pair of a Nike Hyperdunk that drew inspiration from the Aston Martin commercial where Kobe Bryant appears to have jumped straight up into the air in order to evade an Aston Martin speeding directly towards him. We’ve gotten better glimpses of that shoe and an accompanying Nike Zoom Kobe V since then, but now we have some concrete release information. This pack of Nike basketball sneakers will release from the House of Hoops location in Los Angeles, California beginning this Friday, May 14th in VERY limited numbers. PLAN AHEAD, and good luck!

Images via Freshness.

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  1. even tho these shoes look pretty gay…i bet u there will be like a million dudes jizzing for these shoes simply because nike is making it a limited release

  2. ACTUALLY DONT PLAN AHEAD. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There is a raffle of lucky ones, and even a list on about 30 others who get a chance to get these. The tickets arenumbered and if you dont show up then by ordere the 30 others get a chance to take your spot. Don't camp for these cus you'll be dissapointed.

  3. If anyone wants I can spraypaint your hyperdunks in silver paint for $10? plus I'll throw in a free kick in the balls…