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  1. a lil too loud for my taste but overall a dope shoe … if it wasn't for this ressesion i would cop

  2. fig jam..maybe you wouldnt be hit as hard by the RECESSION if you werent dumb as a rock..learn how to spell and watch the news

  3. wow..joey feels so cool cuz he knows how to spell recession and has to make it clear to everyone on the internet..and shaka..i bet you werent even born in africa..i bet your parents moved to the states and had you here.

  4. HOLD UP! SHAKA ZULU WHAT!?!?!?! Seems like this N I G G E R is acting like a big hater. Damn i hate when N I G G E R S act so N I G G E R I S H! After coto, Cant wait till manny pacquiao fights floyd cause then we'll own the N I G G E R S in vegas. POW!

  5. Wow,these shoes are pretty sweet. Not the best colorway to release but its good to see nike breathing new life into the hyperdunk.

  6. Please own you will never own anything your such a loser. We been running boxing for decades as the most dominant fighters and your talking lol

    Just cuz someone says the shoe is ugly don't get mad and hurt like a sensitive bitch. They made a shoe for my country too it was mad ugly but i bought it out of pride.

  7. yeah Mr. Hunter is a loser. Black people started these sneaker culture shit and most of the popular culture y'all worship if you don't like us then fuck off and stop jocking us.