Nike Hyperdunk - Mcfly Inspired

Admired by many, the shoes seen being worn by Marty McFly in the second Back to the Future has been rumored to be released for a long time coming. Although this may be the closest thing we get to the actual shoe, a picture of what is said to be a McFly inspired Nike Hyperdunk has been spotted online.

In addition, a member of Niketalk has photoshopped a pair of what he thought to be the appearance of this Hyperdunk. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced, but it is possible that these will be hitting stores later this year. Via nt.

Nike Hyperdunk - Mcfly Inspired
Nike Hyperdunk – Mcfly Inspired


  1. ^eps

    why you think kobe didn't wear them. everyone on the team who wore them were horrible, and kobe was at least somewhat decent. i really think the light weight is a flaw with the shoe. they don't look that great for performance. i hope they don't ruin team usa for the olympics, though alot of other nike teams will wear them so they might suck too i hope.

  2. man fuck those shoes kobe is a pussy he lost the championship to the celtics he should of just keep on beeing a ball hoger and made all the points!!!…..fuk u KOBE……….!!!!!!!


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