Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Releasing at Undftd

After seeing actual pictures of the Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly, we have received information that Undftd Santa Monica will release the Hyperdunk McFly July 2nd 2008 (tomorrow) at 4:00 PM.

On to the shoes, the Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly features the newest technology by Nike, the Flywire and as you know the Hyperdunk is touched up to resemble the Nike McFly’s in “Back to the Future II”. Expect a large turnout at Undefeated, especially with a unknown special guest in attendance.

Undefeated will also release a special T-Shirt inspired by Kobe Bryant’s MVP year (see below).

Undefeated Santa Monica
2654 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Releasing at Undftd
Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Releasing at Undftd

Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Releasing at Undftd
Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Releasing at Undftd

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  1. btw, these kiks are fiyah!

    those glow in the dark soles will look sik when im dancing in the club

  2. Anyone will to pick me up a pair if your there? pay alil extra for the favor? does anyone also know if how much they selling them for?

  3. These will be at other stores so don't sweat it kids. HOH and NTNY should have them on the East Coast and NTLA for now on the West

  4. hey j24 (or any1 interested)..yeah im here in seattle i contacted nike head qtrs…email me updates also…

    tho ill be in cali in a couple weeks…yea im willing to pay extra "legit" if some one can cop a pair…if there is a release near me or I can get a hold of some…ill do the same for you…

    hard not to sweat is only 500 made…dont wanna drop a grip on ebay of something…

    if seriously intrested ill supply email…

  5. and the hypebeast will line up no matter how ugly the sneaker is just cause it resembles the mcflys colorway and are limited

  6. not fair im g2 LA in one day i could've been out there already to copp but i got connections maybe i can copp

  7. I'm not sure I am sold on the hyper dunk yet. It looks like a great basketball shoe, but for normal wear around I dont think I would buy them. I like the color way and the Marty McFly concept, but I hope they release the real Marty Mcfly Shoes. In 2015 maybe? Check out this website…

  8. that was the biggest bullsh*t ever. my crew waited all day…kobe shows up an hour late (sh*t was suppose to start selling at 4pm, by the time they did the raffle it was easily 7:30pm, kobe arrived in a delorean and stayed 10 minutes, f*ck that dude)…when he does, everyone bum-rushes the line and f*ggot-*ss weasels cut in line…f*ck undefeated santa monica for running this unorganized, ghetto f*cking operation (you could have easily remedied this mob sh*t by passing out numbered bracelets)…also, it seemed like they only sold like 20 pair (instead of the 100 pair, undefeated hoarders, i know you are hoarding)from my count of suckas (line-cutters) walking out with black bags…then they raffled off only 10 pair at the end, and of course some suckas who waited no more than 10 minutes won a pair of autographed kicks. eff that shiznit, your killing the game. karma. F LINECUTTER WEASELS, F UNDEFEATED, F WUSSY SECURITY, F KOBE, F NIKE.

  9. Dis one of the best colorways of the shoes, and da shoe make up altogether makes it an instant hit. Hopefully kobe can rockem with the mpls jersey this upcoming year.

  10. 2 1/2 days….that's how long heads have been waiting @ house of hoops in the big apple.

    i was @ the undftd santa monica release and i got totally shafted. i was there for 12 hrs, i think the first cat was there for about 24 hrs. it was mad unorganized, peeps were cutting in line when kobe showed up an hour late in the delorean. twas a mess, no wristbands or anything, ridiculous. then they raffle off the last 10 pair, and of course, some people who show up 15 minutes prior win a pair.

    i hear it was also a bad look @ NTLA when they were passing out wristbands. peeps were getting salty, cops were by every hour. heads had to sit on the marble cause i imagine the stuffy city of beverly hills would'nt allow chairs or the appearance of camping.

    the hyperdunk mcfly hype has hit a critical mass, it's hitting every hipster blog, yahoo, wired mag, news outlet, you name it. i haven't seen this much hype since the titanium or the pigeon. i didn't see this one coming.

    i don't know how i feel about it…it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. i'm addicted to sneakers but at the same time i feel like i need to grow up and leave this bullsh*t. these kicks have hit $1,900 on ebay. that is effin madness and makes me utterly sick.

    people don't get marketing. nike could have made more of these mcfly's and they would have easily gotten consumed by all of us and would have made more money than doing a limited release…but by making them limited, it creates a buzz and hype that is utterly priceless. i wouldn't call it genius but it's pretty damn clever.

    i'm banking that the nike marketing gurus didn't even see this one coming. i'm will to bet that they are surprised at the level of success and buzz of this one.