There is no debating that low-top basketball sneakers are beginning to make more of an impact in the NBA, thanks in large part to enthusiasts such as Gilbert Arenas, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash. Throughout the year, we’ve seen Steve Nash rock both home and away pairs of his beloved Nike Cradle Rock low. However, the Nike crew has also designed two pairs of the Hyperdunk low for the sensational point guard from our neighbor to the north. Pictured here is that Nike Hyperdunk low PE in an away color scheme that comes enveloped in black, while purple can be seen on the Nike swoosh outline and grey on the ankle lining. The home colorway comes with black on the ankle lining and sole, while the upper comes in white with a Nike swoosh outlined in purple. Check out pictures of these PEs here, as we could very well see Nash do his thing in these during some playoff games.


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